• What is the difference between "Flash Secure Optimizer (FSO)" and "SWF Defender"? The difference is that SWF Defender is use only for protecting actionscript against decompilers but FSO is use for both protecting actionscript inside the swf and reducing the swf file size.
  • What is your reasons for compressing swf files? It has 2 main reason 1-most swf protector softwares increase swf file size beacause of adding some overhead data to swf file but with FSO you can reduce swf size by compressing & optimizing it 2-file size is always important on the web, there are many internet users in the world that they have low internet connection speed (ex : DialUp connection or low speed mobile phone connection) so reducing swf file size is a good reason to increasing internet speed
  • I used FSO for protecting my swf file but my output swf doesn't play right? one of the best methods for protecting actionscript is Identifier Renaming (Identifier obfuscation) FSO converts actionscript Identifiers to meaningless characters in some swf files renaming some identifiers may impact the output swf file although FSO uses smart methods and filters the identifiers that shouldn't be renamed but always you should care about using this feature and deselect identifiers that you think still shouldn't be renamed
  • What is the demo version limitation? In the demo version you will see a watermark on the left upper corner part of your output swf file.
  • System Requirement: All Versions of Windows, including 98, Me, XP, 2000, 2003 Server, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, 32bit and 64bit.
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Flash Secure Optimizer 2.4.11 released
SWF Defender 1.3.19 released